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Hello, my name is Action Angie. I am located in Portland Maine.I am a southern girl and carry that charm naturally everywhere I go!I adore spoiling and pampering Men, I am a natural pleaser and want your experiences with me to be the most pleasurable you have ever had! I am a master of creating a sanctuary of seduction wherever we end up. My versatility, multidimensional personality, and genuine, nature make me the perfect lady for all your companionship needs. I am always tastefully and appropriately attired to ensure I turn heads - and never raise eyebrows. In our daily life, success often comes with a hectic schedule. Leisure time is a luxury not to be wasted. As a person who respects your time, I strive to provide you an exceptional experience that brings out the best in both of us.    


My VIP G.F.E companionship is best suited for the distinguished gentlemen who prefer confidentiality and privacy. You will find me to be a rare, special blend of exquisite beauty, and brains. I am well-educated, articulate, genuinely kind, and possess a great sense of humor. I am also sophisticated, extremely feminine and very down to earth. I believe in treating people with dignity and respect and expect the same in return. 

 Fetish and Fantasy, I not only provide the best experience available, but a completely customized encounter for you and your distinguished tastes.Feel free to express yourself without judgment, and in a safe place with the kinky fun of a no-strings-attached relationship. Worship, Erotic Massage, Fetish, PSE, Submission, Role-play & Broken boundaries– Dinner Engagements Available, both In-Suite & On-the-Town I am your Personal Chameleon. I'm a classy and intelligent professional, with a business background. I enjoy indulging in stimulating conversation… a great mind is a quite a turn on. I’m super sexy, very engaging, and I have a great sense of humor. I thrive on one-on-one situations and digging deeply into the one I'm with. My Anna Faris humor and looks Claire Danes. I do suggest to read my blog more booking a session Get To Know Me! 

Thank you for looking at my profile. I am incredibly sexy and also very friendly. I can be your perfect companion for any occasion. Time with me will be relaxed and lots of fun. I exude glamour and love to have fun. I can be very naughty if you want. Let me use my seductive charm to whisk you onto my erotic pleasure world.

I offer both Incall and Outcall Services. Outcall Service to your hotel or home. You can feel totally relaxed with me in my place. For your safety and mine, I only provide safe services at all times!I have a maid outfit, schoolgirl, baby sister, and secretary. Leaving the Biz By Nov 18,2017 , I will be leaving to become a C.N.A and Sex Therapist.

 Please, I have a Roommate

 Advance Notice Required!! 

 Weekends 24/7

Dinner dates /Lunch date  or $50 if you like me then after dinner it's 200 an hour

 Incall 120for 30 mn 2oo for 60mn  90mn 350 2 hours $400


250 for Outcall an hour  450 for 2 Hours 

 Ask for Nuru  Session !! $120.00 3omn

 Thank You

 Screening https://www.screeningmate.com/actionangies1


Last-minute requests from new clients will not be granted and those made by returning clients will only be granted at my discretion. Pre-booking is desired. Please be advised, new clients who choose to screen via provider references should expect to wait at least a day (often longer), depending on how long it takes for me to receive a response. I encourage you to contact the providers and let them know that you are awaiting screening, in order to speed up the process. Screening via client verification service or through employment verification takes less time. Screening options and requirements can be found on my website, under "screening".

Schedule early to $AVE with 'Advance Booking Discounts'! Get your time RESERVED and help me pre-plan. We can start looking forward to and anticipating our time together, exploring these sacred, erotic arts!

  ***Use a Credit Card! book me.Use a Amazon Card of $50 to prebook a seesion.

  • My time is for companionship only. Please do not bring up anything illegal


South Portland, ME
Falmouth, ME
Westbrook, ME
Scarborough, ME
Cape Elizabeth, ME
Gorham, ME
Yarmouth, ME
Old Orchard Beach, ME
Buxton, ME
Saco, ME
Biddeford, ME
Freeport, ME
Standish, ME
Gray, ME
Raymond, ME











Name: Action Angie Intergalactic Courtesan Main City: Portland, ME Sex: Female Sex Preference: Straight Body Type: Curvy Measurements: 34C-24-30 Height: 5' 3" Weight: 130 lbs Race/Ethnic: White Age: 34 Availability: Incalls/Outcalls 1st Language: English Eye Color: Hazel Hair Color: Brunette Hair Type: Straight Hair Length: Short Body Piercings: A few Breast Implants: No Grooming: Trimmed Tattoos?: One Smokes?: No Porn Star?: No Likes: Gifts, Generous clients, Good hygiene, Executive/senior manager clients, Mature, respectful gentlemen, Sense of humor, Sophistication, Successful businessmen, Good wines, Gentlemen over 30 years old, Chocolates, Champagne, Punctual Dislikes: Bad breath, Poor hygeine, Aggressiveness, Rude behavior, Clients who are late, Bargaining my prices, Cheap clients, Tongue kissing, Tongue kissing, Personal questions, Strong cologne, Body odor, Smoking Accept Credit Cards: or PayPal, Cash Available to: Men


Action Angie Intergalactic Courtesan






Phone Calls are reserved for those whom have been verified & are considered an interruption

Look forward to seeing you! Please read my website carefully because I should answer most of your questions. Offensive phone calls and emails will be ignored.

Thank you for your interest in contacting me. Please see my contact information below. The best way to reach me is by my email address or screening form   Email:actionangies@gmail.com 




    • Be respectful on the phone or in emails.  A nice email that says more than “45, male, attractive, 6 foot, need appointment Sunday at 3” goes a very long way.

      Introduce yourself, be polite as you would with anyone else you had never met.  Remember she is a person and would probably appreciate knowing more about you than your age and height before agreeing to meet you, a stranger.

    • Read the provider’s website.  The night before your appointment give it another look over, so you know how and where she wants you to leave the donation and any other important ‘policies’ she may have.  If she has an etiquette page, give it a read as well.  It’s there to make things go smoothly for everyone involved.

      I’m not saying you have to sit there and memorize everything she’s ever said, but it’s written to make your appointment go smoothly.  The website is not only a marketing tool for the provider, but a tool for you to use to put yourself at ease.

    • THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT ONES! Call the provider from the carif you need any location details clarified.  Do not call in the lobby of the hotel, her building, or anywhere that you can be overheard. Most women are trying to maintain discretion, so you’ll want to have any kind of buzzer code (or directions to her hotel room) before you even walk inside so it looks like you know exactly where you’re going.

      Do not ever use her working name at the buzzer, do not ever use it at her door.  Providers generally want it to look like an old friend is coming to visit and so they need you need to be discreet.  Buzz up and say something simple.  I asked my visitors to buzz up and say “Hey it’s me,” and I would then buzz them up without replying (they would hear a beep as I pressed the entry button).

      I did not take questions at the buzzer, I did not speak.  If buzzer time comes and you have a question, walk away from the building (again, get in your car if possible) and call the lady’s private cell phone to ask.  Never talk to hotel staff, concierges or anyone around and never mention a woman’s working name outside of your car or her apartment/hotel room.  This is a good way to raise suspicion and stress out a lady.

    • Make sure you know her restrictions and respect them.  EXAMPLE:  If she offers CBJ, do not ask for or expect BBBJ.  No matter what may have read in a review, it’s really just best to respect what you’ve seen on her site or ads no matter what rumours have surfaced.  Please remember sometimes reviews are done with a “checkbox” format and it’s very easy to check the WRONG box between CBJ and BBBJ without even noticing.

      You risk offending a lady by asking for a service she has never advertised providing.  Provider’s are not oversensitive – however there are a lot of assholes who try to ask/push for services that she does offer.  It can put a woman on the defensive, because it has to.  When someone tries to push for services you don’t offer, you go into “protective” mode to avoid being forced.  Do not risk ending up putting a lady on the defensive and being lumped in with those guys by making a simple mistake based on a review.

    • Take a shower either before the appointment or at it if offered.  Beforehand, please trim your fingers and toenails.  Being scratching someone with ragged toenails/fingernails is a big turn off.  A good tip I’ve heard is to prepare for it as you would any other date where you think you are getting sex.

      Trimming or shaving (your preference) anything you expect a mouth to go on or around is a plus.  It’s can serve as a sign for providers that you want certain areas kissed/licked.  If you don’t at the very least trim, many providers will take it as a sign you aren’t interested in that particular act.

      Make sure that you trim/shave THE DAY BEFORE the appointment in case you cut yourself!!. The last thing you want (safety wise) is an open cut in your genital area before sex with ANY new partner. Day after stubble is much better than a cut!

    • Following up with the last ‘tip’:  Ask for what you want, how you want it.  I don’t mean for you to bark orders, but if you aren’t clear about what you want you may end up disappointed.  Perhaps you have not trimmed or shaved the area between your testicles and anus1 but would like a touch there.  Let her know! If you do not ask her for what you want and end up disappointed, do not write a negative review – that’s VERY unfair to her as she is not a mind reader. If you do not ask for what you want and end up disappointed it is NOT her fault.

      Along the same line, PLEASE tell the provider if it’s “not going to happen” for you.  Most will do whatever they can to make it happen and it goes a long way if a man says something and you two can discuss what else she can do for you in the time left.  Perhaps a massage would be nice, or just laying in bed talking.  But try to avoid frustrating you and her if the plumbing is not running well that day.

    • Bring your own condoms JUST IN CASE.  Make sure they are in an UNOPENED BOX.  Be prepared and expect to use hers as there are men who tamper with them.  The exception to this would be if you are an irregular size or have allergies.  Then you should be prepared to use yours after inspection by the provider.  This is not a slight against your character, unfortunately there are many men before you who have fucked it up for all the good ones.


  • Mention your allergies (if you have them).  Many ladies burn scented candles, burn incense, wear scented lotion, or have pets.  Some women also smoke.  It is in your best interest to ask these things if you’re affected by any of these types of things.  Providers do not want you to be miserable, sniffling, sneezing, or worse during an appointment.  Many are happy to do extra clean up or air out their apartments if it will help you be comfortable.

    I have a field on my form asking if you are scent sensitive so I can plan accordingly.  I often burn light incense, or candles/oils.  If you are scent sensitive I will air out my incall for an entire day before our visit and use unscented toiletries the day of.  We really do want you to be happy, you just have to let us know things like this!

  • Clean up your residence or hotel room if having her over for an outcall.  Even if you just stick things in a closet, it’s the thought that counts.  This one works both ways.  You expect a lady to have a clean incall that smells nice without stacks of dishes…we expect the same.


    • Brush your teeth or floss within 30 minutes of your appointment.  It may tear the lining of your mouth increasing exposure to STIs.  Brush your teeth the morning of the appointment, avoid pungent foods, and use mouthwash or gum.

      If you do eat pungent foods such as garlic or onions before the appointment please just politely apologise in advance because no amount of mouthwash or gum will cover it up completely.  It’s better to say, “Hey I’m sorry I had some lasagna for lunch and didn’t even think of the garlic” than to surprise a woman with it later.

    • Slather yourself in scent.  My rule is this:  If you want a tongue to touch it then cologne, aftershave, or deodorant should not be on it.  Not only can this taste awful, ingesting certain tolietries could cause stomach aches or worse for the lady.

      A touch of cologne behind the ears and on the wrists is fine, and deodorant on your underarms is great – but on your chest, testicles, or penis…nope!  I will say this though:  A little cologne in the ass crack itself is fine if you aren’t looking to receive DATO.

    • Barter or say you are short of the donation and expect the appointment to still take place.  If a woman’s rates are non-negotiable, respect that.  If you decide to attempt to haggle despite knowing her donation is firm be prepared to be asked to leave.

      Some women do have negotiable rates.  This will be mentioned on her site or in an ad – negotiate how and when she wants to.  Some women also run specials or have discounts.  Do not try to ask for these things if they are expired or do not apply to you.For example, I run a military discount (10%).  I had a client who draft dodged (no joke) who tried to get it.  I was actually pretty upset.  Don’t do things like that and expect a lady to be impressed after.  I still completed the appointment and gave the best service I could, but I did deny his request for a repeat appointment.  I couldn’t get past the fact he wanted a military discount after draft dodging.

    • Use her toilet for anything except peeing, no matter what.  Do it in the hotel lobby, do it in a nearby restaurant.  I do not care where you do it as long as it’s not her bathroom.

      While we’re at it – please do not pee in the shower.  We know when you do this and we have to clean our shower every time you do. It’s fine at home, I’m sure most people do it – but not in someone’s shower that they have to clean after each use.  I don’t want to clean up your pee 

      On a similar note, don’t shave your body in the shower either for the same reason!

    • Bring food, drink, or flowers UNLESS you’ve cleared it with her first or her website says it’s okay. I know these are typically nice surprises, but they are not always nice for those who cannot have them.  It may make her feel awkward if she needs to turn them down either due to allergies or a special diet (i.e. diabetes, celiac).

      This includes alcohol – many women do not drink with clients (even if the bottle is sealed) so clear it with her first if her website does not make it clear.On the flip side, many women LOVE these things so do not write off the idea of bringing them just because you can’t surprise her – just ASK!

    • Bring up other escorts or forums.  This tends to turn into a gossip session, rather than casual conversation.  Likewise, if she starts gossiping about other escorts/forums then try to steer the conversation in another direction.

      Try not to talk negatively about other ladies if possible.  If a lady did something extremely unsafe in your presence (offered you BBFS for example, or you saw drug paraphernalia) or was non-discreet (called a number you said not to) this is the exception.It is FINE to inform providers of such things but gossip = bad.

    • Ask a girl how many clients she has seen that day or if you’re the first client of the day. Even if her answer is what you’re wanting to hear, this isn’t really appropriate conversation material. While most girls are happy to talk about their start in the industry, many are not. Let them bring it up if they want to.

      Similarly, do not ask personal questions about her real life. She’ll volunteer information she wants to, but do not pry.  There’s a fine line between curiosity/”getting to know you” and being invasive.  You don’t have to tip toe or anything of the sort, just use common sense.This is another one that works both ways, if she starts to pry – simply steer the conversation elsewhere or tell her up front you are not comfortable with the questions.

    • Ask for BBFS or BB Greek.  Even if it’s to “test her reaction”, don’t do it.  You may end up offending her, ruining a great session, and costing yourself a good reference in the future.Not to mention, you may scare her.  If you’re asking her – who else are you asking (likewise, if a lady offers you – who else is she offering?).  Saying it was a “test” is a horrible excuse.  I cannot describe the feeling of ice water through your veins when you hear the words “without a condom” in reference to vaginal or anal sex in this industry.If you ask this in an initial email (or phone call) – even to “test” her – you will ruin any rapport you had and really any chance you had of ever meeting the lady in real life.

      Anyone who mentions BBFS or BB Greek I may reply to…but only to say that I am saddened and horrified at the request, and that I cannot continue this conversation or meet them.

    • Overstay your welcome.  What you book is what you get.  While most ladies will not be staring at the clock and are lenient, most will also not want to have to ask you to leave.  It is awkward and can make a lady feel very uncomfortable.  You are in her space, please respect that.  Do not take advantage of a lady’s generosity.  You are buying time, do not try and get something for nothing.  If you want more time, book a longer visit.  I do not stare at the clock personally, nor do I deduct showers from your time (you get one before and after).  I find it very rude to not meet me halfway by being courteous and respecting my time.  I do have plans and a life outside of our visit and while my goal is to make you happy during our visit, it is not at the cost of my other plans.

    • Use a BS excuse to cancel.  If you changed your mind, just tell her.  Treat her the way you want to be treated.  Don’t under explain, don’t over explain.

      Cancel early, if you decide against the visit.  Do not wait until the absolute last second.  Remember we often turn down other appointments at the same time for you – if you have to cancel and you do it early enough we may be able to make up the lost appointment.

      If you need to legitimately cancel and reschedule, let her know up front you want to reschedule for X date.  This will show you are serious and makes her more likely to book with you again.

      If the appointment was an incall and the lady works out of a hotel, dropping her an extra $50 might be nice because she had probably already booked the room.  Personally, when I worked out of hotels I booked through Hotwire when I confirmed an appointment.  If someone canceled after that, I was out the money.  Usually between $45-$70 depending on what/where I had booked.

  • Promise things you won’t or can’t deliver whether it’s another appointment, a review, or some kind of present/tip.Even though a review or another appointment sound minor, I get my hopes up for reviews I am promised.  I love feedback and I love to know what I’m doing right/wrong. When you don’t deliver, it does disappoint me.  I understand things come up and life gets busy so if you had the intent and then couldn’t follow through – fine.  I do understand that.  But if you have no intent in the first place, don’t promise.

    Same goes with another appointment.  I enjoy the vast majority of my time with visitors.  If you promise another appointment “soon” – I will generally be looking forward to hearing from you again.  If I don’t hear from you, sometimes I do grow concerned about you.  Again, things come up and if you can’t it’s fine – but if you have no intent in the first place why bother?

    You owe a provider nothing aside from the donation – there is no need to try and promise her the world.










No blocked numbers. No text messages.


I'm Ready to book


 Pre-booking is required Unfortunately, I have a 9-5pm job, Nights Only Mon-Thursday  Saturday Sunday daytime.

Weekdays after 7pm-11pm 

Weekends 6am-11pm

Adavanced Notice Only

https://www.preferred411.com/index.cfm?fx=ProvRef&pid=44710< "http://www.theeroticreview.com/link/link.asp?ID=137934"








A breath of fresh air is what you receive when contacting me and a life changing experience is what you will get after our encounter, venture, trip, dinner or meeting together. I am the all around full package. I take pride in our encounter, fitness, nutrition and education. I have passion for life and everyone's existence, I am world traveled and have a very strong and genuine personality.

As a woman with lots of Spark, Energy and a wild imagination, I am the perfect companion for those who seek an experience out of this world for the true . Imagination and true fantasy come to reality once we get together and we then create the perfect moment that neither of us will dare try to forget . Getting to know each other while finding similarities, likes and dislikes are a few of my secrets to making you and I a perfect and successful fit for each other. My purpose is to tease :) please and create such a chemistry that only a certain touch could explain while yours is to relax, and enjoy our experience together.

By contacting me, you should know that you will not be in the presence of your average girl. In no way am I conceited but I do work hard to keep myself in great shape and also updated on current events and stand points on economical or political views. Nothing about me is average: Personality, physically or mentally. Like your self, I do have the right to refuse a meeting or terminate a meeting due to any sort of disrespect, harmful acts or lack of common courtesy.

Professionalism is mandatory. Prior to my arrival if outcall, have the donation in an envelope and have it set in the restroom so that when I get to you I can then go freshen up and receive the donation. The donation is to be in full, no bargaining will be accepted, no specials or any talk about the donation will be tolerated as our meeting will be terminated. If you are coming to me for in call, have the donation in an envelope and place it on designated shelf or dresser and you then go to the restroom to freshen up. I expect to be treated with the same respect that you would want given to your mother. If this is a problem then please do not contact me as for we will have no connection or meeting at any time.<a href="http://www.theeroticreview.com/link/link.asp?ID=137934" target="_blank">Check out my reviews on TheEroticReview!</a

  • Angie's is the Best Thing that Has happened to Portland

    Added Mar 01, 2017
    Angie is the best thing that has happened to Portland in ages! She is a beautiful, open-minded, elite provider whose energy, enthusiasm, and passion are proof that she loves what she does. The Angie experience is unique, and I am thankful that she has chosen to settle in Maine. She has raised the bar for adult services in Portland. I plan to see her again and again. Once was not enough, she has so much more to offer!

    Having been away from the hobby for a little while, I recently got the itch for a GFE from an upscale provider. Checking out the slim offerings in Maine, I came across Angie's reviews and website. Just what I was looking for! I emailed her and we set up a date at her incall location. Angie is very responsive by email - she communicated well, sent pictures, and gave good directions to her place. I never even had to call or text her.

    Angie's incall is at her private home on a quiet street in Portland. I arrived on time, and she was ready for me. Angie was dressed to the nines, and greeted me with a smile and a kiss and a hug. Physically, she's gorgeous, small, fun-sized! She's in good shape, active, and used to be an exotic dancer. She still has the figure and the moves! Her face is stunning with youthful glowing skin, a killer smile, and perfect teeth. So kissable!

    Angie led me to her living room couch, where we got acquainted over wine and light snacks. She had candles burning and lights dimmed for a relaxing, romantic ambiance. Angie's friendly, bubbly personality and easy smiles put me at ease quickly. She likes to talk, and fortunately she's quite interesting. I could listen to her stories, spoken with her charming slight southern accent, forever. But we both had more physically intimate pursuits on our minds!

    I had an amazing (and exhausting!) time with Angie, which rekindled my interest in the hobby. But the experience was unique to Angie - I don't think I can find it anywhere else in Maine. So I'll be seeing this hot, energetic, adorable little dynamo again and again! Highly recommended! More details follow . . . .
    The Juicy Details
    I enjoyed getting to know Angie on her couch and was counting my lucky stars that I arranged this date with her. The conversation was stimulating and led to mutual touching, caressing and anticipation. After about ten minutes Angie suggested going upstairs to the bedroom. Okay! I was led to a dimly lit, clean bedroom with a large bed, more candles burning, and porn on the TV. Totally cozy and romantic, a real mood-setter! Clothes began coming off slowly between Angie's caresses and kisses. Eventually we were both naked and embracing and Angie tackled me down onto the bed. Thus began a very physical, energetic, passionate GFE!

    Angie got up momentarily to show me some of her exotic dance moves. So hot! Then she jumped back on top of me for a long make-out session. Fortunately, we both love to kiss. We rolled around on the bed DFK'ing and caressing for several minutes before I whispered to her that I also love to lick. So Angie gets on top in a 69 and we're both licking away. Her pussy was clean and delicious, I was in for quite a feast! Angie came once in this position and brought Mr. Happy to full attention. She sat up and ground into my face and moaned some more. She then wanted to lay on her back and enjoy some more DATY in that relaxed position. I couldn't argue with that, I was getting hooked on her sweet nectar! So more licking sent Angie into rolling orgasms. Then she grabbed a vibrator and used that while I came up and made out with her. More orgasms!

    Angie's pussy was so wet by now and she wanted to fuck. Again, no argument from me! She popped a cover on me and I entered her easily in mish. I was so worked up and her pussy felt so wonderful that I knew I wouldn't last long. She begged to be pounded, locked eyes, smiled, talked even dirtier, and I'm afraid I couldn't pound her for long. I convulsed into Angie Heaven for one long, strong, exhausting O. Ever have one of those where you think you're going to die? Ah, but what a way to go LOL!!

    I returned to Earth and Angie was wiping me down with warm, moist towels. What a treat, this angel thinks of everything! And the party didn't stop there. Angie was all over the bed massaging and caressing me, snuggling, talking, smiling, and dancing for the rest of the hour. I could have easily come again if I had more time.

    I got the impression through our entire romp that Angie loved every minute of it. It showed in her enthusiasm, energy, passion, and in her desire to please. Plus she told me so. That's a huge turn-on! Angie's attitude towards sex has me hooked - then there's her physical beauty! I'll be returning to her lair time and again to sample more of her erotic pleasures and passionate companionship. I don't think there is any end to either!

  • I couldn't hardly wait for our time together

    Added Sep 14, 2016
    I couldn't hardly wait for our time together. Read many reviews, visited her websites, and we emailed each other several times. She actually prefers to email. She is a unique sensual dynamo. VIPs read on; others don't miss out.
    The Juicy Details
    She was right on time which is nice. She brought champagne and music. Greeted me with a nice kiss and we got to know each other. We talked for about 15 minutes enjoying the drinks and before I know it she stands up and begins to disrobe. Before another minute or two passed we were both standing naked by the bed. She is a great kisser and at this point had me really turned on.

    She then drops down and lays on her back with her legs spread. I immediately kissed her again and made my way down to some DATY. This she really likes. It is a big turn on for me and she didn't disappoint. I actually think that I could have done this for at least 30 minutes. She came four times in about 15 minutes and guided me on my back. She went down on me and had me hard in no time. I was so turned on that I couldn't hold out. I blew and she kept me in her mouth for my entire orgasm.

    Recovery period was a time of conversation and life's little mysteries. We both had traveled a great deal and were in many of the same places. Before too long we were kissing again. She got me hard again and we did doggy till I again erupted.

    I am old so this was a great time. She is a sexual dynamo. When I see her next time I am going to drink about three energy drinks and I probably still won't be able to keep up.

  • A Wonderful visit

    Added Feb 06, 2016
    I just had another great visit with Angie she is at the top of her form and when she is on there is none better in my opinion. She can do from porn star experience to the ultimate girl friend experience. If you are looking for an energetic spinner then you do not want to miss her. As usual she met me at the door in a sexy little outfit with a hug and a kiss. We sat on the couch for a little bit and talked and then adjourned to the bedroom for a very intense session. She knows just what I like and she always delivers. She is one of the premier providers for this area.

    Enjoy gents and treat her well she is genuine and a one of a kind experience once I started seeing her every one else was a disappointment so for the last year she has been the only one I will go to.


  • Angie is amazing!

    Added Feb 01, 2016
    I have known "Action Angie" for several years and just love her crazy, quirky, funny and cheerfully enthusiastic little blonde self. Angie is the hyper-kinetic epitome of "dynamite in a small package", a high-energy whirlwind of sensual sexuality, and there is a big personality in this petite pixie. She is the real deal, a genuine sweetheart who enjoys being an entertainer. I enjoy her company and her friendship very much and, my God, what a fireball! She rocks my world, rocks it hard & all around the world every single time we are together, which keeps me coming back for more and more! Make sure your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. I kid you not. She puts the "spin" in "spinner".

  • The Erotic Review.com

    Added Jan 20, 2016

  • Angie

    Added Oct 15, 2015

    I have known Angie for quite a few years and she is my ATF. I have known her through all of the drama that has been thrown her way and she is dependable, never flakes out and if you get to know her is just a good person in general. I had a date with her last week and it just gets more intense each time. I hate to say it but when I think of other guys seeing her I get extremely possessive. LOL! But, it is business and she has bills to pay.

    If you are on the fence, go see her. She will NOT disappoint! I am already looking forward to seeing her again as she leaves my legs trembling. A true sweetheart and in my case a very close friend. Feel free to PM me with any questions. Stay safe!

    Red Talon

  • I have met with Angie multiple times

    Added Oct 08, 2015
    I have met with Angie multiple times. She is always warm, friendly and eager to please. She does not rush. Is totally focused on you. She is an excellent French kisser and LOVES to receive oral, my favorite. When last we met she presented me with a beautiful rear view in doggie pose. I pushed in, she responded and all too quickly I came. Then with me standing bedside and my dick limp she flipped onto her back, grabbed my dick in her mouth and began to suck. It was heaven!!! Treat her well, no rough stuff and you will be rewarded.

  • Birthday With Angie

    Added Jul 25, 2015

    My company had to send me to Jacksonville for a day so I managed to arrange it so they sent me on my birthday. I was able to setup a session with Angie who has been hard to get with because of her elbow surgery with the skin grafts. As soon as I got off work I headed over to meet her at the suite, she greeted me at the door with a kiss. Neither of us had eaten yet so we ordered room service for dinner and since she had told me to bring a swim suit we then headed down to the pool area for a warm up in the jacuzzi, after a bit back to the room for a shower for two. A few pictures and then into the bedroom, she had bought a new outfit for me so she popped into that and a few more pictures and then on to the main event. After thoroughly relaxing me and wearing me out it was back into the show for the two of us and a pleasant good night. I would have to say that knowing it was my birthday she went all out to make sure I had a great time and she exceeded all my expectations which are pretty high where she is concerned as she has always been spectacular. She is not the least expensive but if she is not the very best she is certainly in the running. Her style and personality meshes perfectly with mine so I have always had a great time. I would say this was my best birthday ever, my only disappointment is my own stamina at my age I just can not keep up with such an energetic sexy girl as Angie. I can hardly wait for my next birthday.


  • I've known Angie for over 5 years, and she's been my favorite for that whole time. Before she moved

    I've known Angie for over 5 years, and she's been my favorite for that whole time. Before she moved I was seeing her exclusively, and I was sad when she told me she was moving. At least she was going for all the right reasons, and I just had to make myself wait until she came back for a visit. The last time she came back to FL I saw her the first day she was here, and we acted as if it had only been a week since we last met. She greeted me at the door like she always did, wearing a short robe covering her beautiful petite body with nothing but bra and panties underneath. After offering me some water, we sat on the bed and just talked for several minutes, catching each other up on our lives. Before too long our hands were running over each other's body, and we started DFK. She's a great kisser! She helped me out of my clothes and took hers off, then we laid down on the bed for more of a make-out session. Her hand started stroking my cock to life, and I rubbed her already wet pussy. She remembered what I like and slid down between my legs to start a slow, wet BBBJ with lots of eye contact. After a few minutes she swung her body around on top of me for some 69 and I (finally!) got to taste her sweet-smelling pussy again. This really turns her on and we stayed like that for at least 5-10 minutes.

    I love DATY, especially with Angie, so I told her to lay back and relax while I paid attention to her for a while. After a few small explosions, Angie reached up and pulled me to her, sticking her tongue down my throat and told me she wanted me inside of her. I was more than ready, so she put on the cover and we started in mish with me standing next to the bed. After a few minutes she flipped over and we tried DS, then she told me she was ready for some greek. Angie loves this, and she lubed me up and stuck her delicious ass in the air for me. After a few tries I was able to slowly work my way in, then I picked up the pace. This went on for several minutes until Angie decided to roll over on her back for mish with me still pumping her ass and her rubbing a large vibrator over her clit. This drove her over the edge as she exploded again and again.

    We were really working up a sweat and I started to falter, but Angie is not one to give up easily. We were at least at the hour mark but she is not a clock watcher. She got down on her knees and started another fantastic BBBJ, then she moved up to the bed, laying on her back and hanging her head over the edge. I fed her my cock all the way to the base while I played with her pussy and this got me rock hard again. I covered up again and flipped her for some more greek, then when I was ready I pulled out, removed the cover and blew my considerable load all over her face. We both caught our breath and had a laugh, then she got up to get us some towels. I used her shower then we talked while I was getting dressed. She's a very interesting person to talk to and I could have stayed there much longer, but I had to get going. As usual, there was never any talk of a gift, and I didn't leave anything until I was heading out the door. Angie's not your typical provider. She's a beautiful, mature woman who knows how to please a man, and even better, she really wants to! I've never walked away from Angie feeling nothing but totally satisfied, and I look forward to seeing her again soon!

  • https://www.preferred411.com/index.cfm?fx=ProvRef&pid=44710


  • Action Angie P411 Web Page

Love Contract

Love Contract

I understand and agree to all of the following:

1. ActionAngie Escort Referal Service operates as a legal Professional Escort Referal Service, this is an escort service, No sexual activity is permitted. If a client tries to robs you are trying to con you out of my pay, I have a right to report it.I have the right to leave a get a cancel fee.

2. All appointments must go through The ActionAngie Personal Escort  Service  For every new session, you must book it online using my ActionAngie Personal Registration Form

3. ActionAngie Personal Service knows all appointment dates, times, and locations. I will check in before and after appointments to confirm they left safely with my personal assistant.

4. If My safety is at risk, I may carry a non-lethal personal defense item to defend themselves.

5. Payment for each session is due before the session use circle.com  and sending the required amount of funds to actionangies@gmail.com or pay at the very start of the session.

6. If you cancel multiple appointments within 12 hours of a session and want another session in the future, you may be asked to prepay for the next session paypal.com OR pay a $20 cancellation fee.

7. If you cancel within 2 hours of a session or don’t show up and want another session in the future, you must prepay for the next session online AND pay a $20 cancellation fee.

8. Cleanliness and adequate hygiene are required by both parties. This specifically includes showering/teeth brushed within 12 hours of the appointment, wearing freshly laundered clothing, and no (or minimal) perfume/cologne be worn by both parties unless requested.

9. The client agrees hereby to indemnify and hold harmless  ActionAngie Escort  Referal Services LLC from any and all claims by the client which may arise out of and in the course of the service. The client releases  ActionAngie  Escort  Referal Services LLC from any liability.

10. No specific information regarding the client will ever be shared with another party outside of what is outlined in this agreement unless I, as the client, give written or e-mail permission to ActionAngie Escort Referal  Service for a specific purpose.ActionAngie Escort Referal Service.

Secured Reservation &Verification

My preferred method of booking is through this Secured form – I prioritize emails and I am more motivated to respond to those with a serious intention that give me enough detail from the start. Your information is kept confidential. Your personal screening is handled with respect and discretion & only by your Truely. Verification is mandatory.

A secured Server Website, SiteLock protected. You will be corresponding only with me.

An Original Photo will be provided to you after Verification-to ensure we are the right match












  • Companion Etiquette and Frequently Asked Questions

    Our goal is for you to enjoy your experience with us. To fully enjoy your
    encounter, we request that you adhere to some general etiquette guidelines.

    First, please make sure you are freshly showered shortly before your
    experience. Both you and your companion will have a much more enjoyable time if
    you are clean and groomed. Also, please ensure you have good oral hygiene,
    brushing and flossing before the model arrives.

    For both safety and discretion, we ask that you have your consideration
    counted and placed in an unsealed envelop. Leave the envelope in plain sight
    before the experience begins. Also, please refrain from speaking about money
    during the time you are with one of our models. Do not discuss any sexual acts
    before or during the date in person, in emails, or on the telephone.

    If you decide that you would like to extend your time together, it is
    important that this arrangement is discussed upfront and the fees are collected
    beforehand. Extra time on a date will be subject to the schedule.

    Above all, we ask that you are respectful and conduct yourself as a
    gentleman. Absolutely no alcohol or drugs should be abused before the
    experience begins, thus ensuring you and your date have a much better
    experience overall. Our models reserve the right to terminate the date at their
    discretion if these guidelines are not respected.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is required to receive services?

    You must be 18 years old or older. You must be respectful and courteous
    during the date, and you must have your payment available before the date

    2. What constitutes a refusal of service?

    While we would love to work with you, I have the right to refuse
    service to you if they feel you are being disrespectful, rude, or mistreating
    them in any way. You are asked to follow some basic guidelines, and the date
    can be refused if they are not adhered to. For the safety of everyone involved,
    we carefully screen our clients. If there is something that causes us to feel
    uneasy about you, you may be denied services.

    3. How long will it take before the model arrives?

    The arrival time will vary depending on many factors. Our goal is for the
    model to arrive within 45 to 60 minutes, but that may not always be the case.
    Your geographic location is a key indicator of when the date will begin. The
    model’s schedule will also impact the arrival time.

    4. Can I use a fake name and contact information?

    No, you must use your real name and contact information. We provide a very
    straightforward and discreet process and ensure your information will never be
    shared. However, we need to be able to screen you ahead of time, so we will
    need to know your real identity.


Tips for being an escort

Don't exchange the money

Instead, have your client visibly place the money on a table or some other obvious place such as on the bathroom countertop. Avoid legal issues by referring to it as a donation and not an actual payment or wage that you earned for the services you are offering.<...

Minimize phone conversations

Because your safety is key, phone conversations should be kept to a minimum. If you must speak with your client, ask only concise questions that require short answers. Normally, the cell phone is a method of communication used only by independent escorts. However, it is sometimes used by agency escorts interacting with long term clients.

Client screening should be mandatory

As an independent escort it is critical to review clients as thoroughly as possible before you invite them into your hotel room or before you go into theirs. An escort agency will normally screen and review all clients in advance. Still, it's important to do a general review on your own.

Never discuss your personal life

Your privacy is crucial to your safety! There is no valid reason for any client to be privy to knowledge of your children, family or personal affairs. If you find the conversation leaning toward your personal life, turn it around by asking questions of your client. It's okay to talk about generic things related to your personal life (such as going to college or working another job) but do not provide any detail or insight. When you work as an escort, exposing yourself can place you at risk. Avoid doing so at all times, no matter how comfortable you may feel with a client. These five ways of protecting your identity and remaining safe should come natural to you over time. You should be able to spot red flags while you are working and be able to notice things that just don't seem like the normal. If you follow the five ways above you will be able to prevent drama and focus on your career as an escort.

1. Advertise on escort review and adult services websites - these platforms are geared toward women and men promoting their services. Their advertising fees are usually reasonable. Often, the people running the websites are accommodating and offer guidance to users about what kind of ad content meets their guidelines. When you market your business on these websites, make sure that you clearly indicate your location and willingness or ability to travel.
2. Build a website and/or blog to increase your online exposure - a lot of escorts don't realize that building a website through a service can be a turnkey process done by yourself in just a few hours. Creating a blog can be just as easy and free though you must keep it up-to-date to be effective. In either case, keep it simple, check for typos and add content to your blog as often as possible.
3. Post personal ads online and offline - look for free or low cost personal ad space in online newsletters and hard copy newspapers. Try to make your ad engaging, sexy and original with the intention of the reader calling you right away. Never mention money in your ad. Once a potential client contacts you, make it clear that you are an escort and not just someone looking for a date.
4. Ask clients for referrals - if you are the assertive type, this method of networking can become a great source of business. Approach the topic in a subtle and candid manner while measuring the reaction of your client, careful not to offend him in the process.
5. Implement an email marketing campaign - the internet is the most innovative avenue of marketing for online adult services but requires some commitment. Put together a simple email campaign using a dedicated email address, a few of your best photos and a little creative writing to get into the minds of your clients. It might take a few attempts but eventually clients will reply with requests for dates. The goal is to cultivate a mailing list from which you will develop your very own client database.
6. Build social media profiles to get your name in the internet search engines - using social media is today's most progressive form of marketing and most sources are free. Twitter and Facebook are the most wiki known. Make sure you read and adhere to the user guidelines of both (especially Facebook) and post pictures of yourself that portray a tasteful, confident woman who is busy working. With consistent dedication, these and other similar methods of social media marketing can produce a lot of clients in a little time.


Beginning any new business is challenging but being an escort can be more difficult in a different way because it requires psychological commitment. You must always stay focused on your job as an escort and remember why you chose this career in the first place. Doing so will give you balance and aid in your success. If you doubt your decision to become an escort, consider something less demanding in the adult services industry.
You need to be able to separate heart from mind when working as an escort. As a woman, that's not always easy, especially when you are engaging in physical acts with men in whom you might take a personal interest, thereby complicating your job. As a professional, you need to know where to draw the line. You must learn to check your heart and emotions at the door when meeting with a client. From that point forward, all of your involvement with a client is simply part of your work, a job, what you do for a living. At the same time, you must remember that you have a client to satisfy.
Feeling empowered by your sensuality is the main appeal in your career as an escort. Cherish the moments when a client compliments you on your looks because it's the best feeling you can have in this career.
It's true that there are higher paid escorts and lower paid escorts. It is very possible to become a higher paid escort but after you have established yourself and that takes time. When you work for an established escort agency, you can boost your income very quickly.
Maintaining good health is another main priority. There may be times when you will consider engaging in acts that could risk your health. Weigh your decision carefully and calmly before you agree to do anything. Remember to test often for sexually transmitted diseases and always, always use protection. No one wants to contract a disease from an escort and vise versa. Protecting your body and making a decision based upon what is important to you should be your main goals because after all, it is your body and your business.
Be prepared to handle a client getting upset if you say no to a request that makes you uncomfortable. As an escort, it may be difficult to say no, but you must have confidence in your answer, be firm and don't waiver. Avoid any mind games in an effort to persuade you. You will recognize them and they must be ignored.
Advertise your services on escort review websites and adult service websites. Market your services through social media avenues such as Twitter and Facebook. Build an inexpensive website and blog and start an email campaign. These methods are the easiest and most economical ways to save money while giving your business the kind of attention that it deserves.
Adopt an alias. Your birth name and anything close should always be kept private. You will find that it's really fun to be a different person when you are with clients!
Money should never exchange by hand. Your job is about enjoying company between two consenting adults. You are not getting paid for anything else. Rather, you are getting paid for your companionship and this is referred to as a donation. Your donation should be placed on a table or somewhere else discreet yet visible and left there until the client is gone.
City Girls wants to congratulate you on your career choice to become an escort! Good luck and remember to stay focused on your choice and everything will turn out just right.

City Girls Became An Escort


No Boss!
Safety & Privacy
Flat fee per appt To a call center
Booking & Schedule
Careful Screening
Free client screening before your appointment
eTravel Organizer
Professional Support
Stability & Freedom

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Tell Me which Way You Want To F#ck!!!

Just Tell Me How Do You Want Me!



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ActionAngie Has Merchandise for sale bring Extra Cash to session or just ask me


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If you do not have a girlfriend, I can help




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Secret Diary of A Call Girl

Well, I went back to high school and I get done.I am a High School Graduate, I have a great family, a great support system, I have someone that loves me more than life his itself.He will be getting the second job this weekend.I have stop smoking Newport, bec...

Let's Do Something real special for the gents are our bread and butter and I want .. suggested any one any providers to go half on a commercial building or to have providers party I tried to the others providers together to have elite luncheons talk about strategy and really do something special elevate the game.
Do not be alone more ..Do Have a supported System.
I think all girls that do full service get paid. I just moved here a year ago.Get paid the same so these gents will stop jewing the girl down and when their thing does not work it real.Just keep it real Be Honest and Let's Make Money together lets us double Or Not lets Me, Friends, Maybe go 2 man session doing the season Lets Dolls together.Lets Car Pool Lets Start a Small Business With Some Loyal: I want to do all Given get small massages building in 3 years.I want to get Web cam business Mass Media.Media Photography Being REAl Friends To this Business is gets lonely, Sometimes I can not work due to school or Medical at the end of the month I will share if you do or we give 20 with Every Referal is Completed. Let's Make make Money and Not Be Lonely.

* Discover, clarify, and align with what the client wants to achieve
* Encourage client self-discovery
* Elicit client-generated solutions and strategies
* Hold the client responsible and accountable


email me if you want to get on my level and thru created a private lady's club and do charity with homeless and Children ,I think if they make the business license easy, an all sex workers do at least 20 of Charity work a month And Use our tax return to our charity,I hate the way put down use take advantage, robbed, insult and demand etc so girls in the biz are just lost over stress and low esteem ours are con artists drug addicts , other's like believe it like a therapist ,i am healer,If I bring so much happiness and I am not a burden on the state ,, I do a lot , I have no bad habits I have changed my life and I would like to get a petition started and get the girls legit happy and safe and healthy and it will stop a lot of victim's less crime and if I show the positive and the economics of it .


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Elite Escort GPs.Com

Its like a Tinder for escorts called

Elite Escort GPS

Make serious money attracting customers to beautiful escorts around the world. The site allows to book any girl searching near me or by City.

Site functionalities:

- Home Page

- Escort Registration with GeoLo...

- Escort email and phone verification

- Customer registration

- Customer email and phone verification

- Escorts Gallery and filter

- Login, Edit Profile, Update Location

- Escort Booking

- Payment

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This an forum /chat room is chat with real escorts and get real feeback from other Hobbyist  and escort get to know The Gent More Personal Like chatting flirted and much more. 

 I thin...


Check it out Tell Me What You think?



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What To Do If You're Stopped By The Police


What To Do If You're Stopped By The Police

To fight police abuse effectively you need to know your rights. There are some things you should do, some things you must do and some things you cannot do. If you are in the middle of a police encounter, you need a handy and quick reference to remind you what your rights and obligations are.

That's why the ACLU is making these tips available as a downloadable .pdf file. You can photocopy this and carry it in your wallet, pocket or glove compartment to give you quick access to your rights and obligations concerning police encounters.

  • Be polite and respectful. Never bad-mouth a police officer.
  • Stay calm and in control of your words, body language and emotions.
  • Don't get into an argument with the police.
  • Remember, anything you say or do can be used against you.
  • Keep your hands where the police can see them.
  • Don't run. Don't touch any police officer.
  • Don't resist even if you believe you are innocent.
  • Don't complain on the scene or tell the police they're wrong or that you're going to file a complaint.
  • Do not make any statements regarding the incident. Ask for a lawyer immediately upon your arrest.
  • Remember officers' badge & patrol car numbers.
  • Write down everything you remember ASAP.
  • Try to find witnesses & their names & phone numbers.
  • If you are injured, take photographs of the injuries as soon as possible, but make sure you seek medical attention first.
  • If you feel your rights have been violated, file a written complaint with police department's internal affairs division or civilian complaint board.


  1. What you say to the police is always important. What you say can be used against you, and it can give the police an excuse to arrest you, especially if you bad-mouth a police officer.
  2. You don't have to answer a police officer's questions, but you must show your driver's license and registration when stopped in a car. In other situations, you can't legally be arrested for refusing to identify yourself to a police officer.
  3. You don't have to consent to any search of yourself, your car or your house. If you DO consent to a search, it can affect your rights later in court. If the police say they have a search warrant, ASK TO SEE IT.
  4. Do not interfere with, or obstruct the police -- you can be arrested for it.

If You Are Stopped For Questioning

  1. It's not a crime to refuse to answer questions, but refusing to answer can make the police suspicious about you. You can't be arrested merely for refusing to identify yourself on the street.
  2. Police may "pat-down" your clothing if they suspect a concealed weapon. Don't physically resist, but make it clear that you don't consent to any further search.
  3. Ask if you are under arrest. If you are, you have a right to know why.
  4. Don't bad-mouth the police officer or run away, even if you believe what is happening is unreasonable. That could lead to your arrest.

If You're Stopped In Your Car

  1. Upon request, show them your driver's license, registration, and proof of insurance. In certain cases, your car can be searched without a warrant as long as the police have probable cause. To protect yourself later, you should make it clear that you do not consent to a search. It is not lawful for police to arrest you simply for refusing to consent to a search.
  2. If you're given a ticket, you should sign it; otherwise you can be arrested. You can always fight the case in court later.
  3. If you're suspected of drunk driving (DWI) and refuse to take a blood, urine or breath test, your driver's license may be suspended.

If You're Arrested Or Taken To A Police Station

  1. You have the right to remain silent and to talk to a lawyer before you talk to the police. Tell the police nothing except your name and address. Don't give any explanations, excuses or stories. You can make your defense later, in court, based on what you and your lawyer decide is best.
  2. Ask to see a lawyer immediately. If you can't pay for a lawyer, you have a right to a free one, and should ask the police how the lawyer can be contacted. Don't say anything without a lawyer.
  3. Within a reasonable time after your arrest, or booking, you have the right to make a local phone call: to a lawyer, bail bondsman, a relative or any other person. The police may not listen to the call to the lawyer.
  4. Sometimes you can be released without bail, or have bail lowered. Have your lawyer ask the judge about this possibility. You must be taken before the judge on the next court day after arrest.
  5. Do not make any decisions in your case until you have talked with a lawyer.

In Your Home

  1. If the police knock and ask to enter your home, you don't have to admit them unless they have a warrant signed by a judge.
  2. However, in some emergency situations (like when a person is screaming for help inside, or when the police are chasing someone) officers are allowed to enter and search your home without a warrant.
  3. If you are arrested, the police can search you and the area close by. If you are in a building, "close by" usually means just the room you are in.

We all recognize the need for effective law enforcement, but we should also understand our own rights and responsibilities -- especially in our relationships with the police. Everyone, including minors, has the right to courteous and respectful police treatment.

If your rights are violated, don't try to deal with the situation at the scene. You can discuss the matter with an attorney afterwards, or file a complaint with the Internal Affairs or Civilian Complaint Board.

Produced by the American Civil Liberties Union.
Copyright 1998, The American Civil Liberties Union



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Escort Glossary

Also Known As
Oral sex on the anus of either sex (aka Rimming or Around-the-World)
Asian Cowgirl
Cowgirl with girl on her feet, instead of her knees
All Time Favorite
Blow Job (BJ)
Oral sex performed on a man (aka French Without).
Bare Back Blow Job (BBBJ)
Oral sex on a man without using a condom (aka French Without).
Big Beautiful Woman
Boy Friend Experience: Spend two or more hours together, have dinner or drinks, maybe a small gift, a little mutual caregiving, give a massage on occasion, being willing (if otherwise appropriate based on some good observations below) to give oral in addition to receiving it, and in general, make it a priority for the provider to have a good time in addition to the client.
Covered Blow Job (CBJ)
Oral sex on a man using a condom (aka French With).
Girl on top
The act of stimulating the female genitals (especially the clitoris and vaginal lips) with the lips and tongue, or having one's genitals stimulated in this way. Cunnilingus is also commonly referred to as 'oral sex' or 'licking'.
Doggie Style
Man behind girl (standing or kneeling, penis inserted in vagina
Dining at the "Y". Also known as Cunnilingus (see definition above).
Deep French Kissing (DFK)
Kissing on mouth with tongue contact deep into throat.
Full Body Sensual Massage (FBSM)
Not usually full service; EXPECT only massage and HJ (see definition below), but more services might or might not be available. Also known as Private Viewing (see definition below) or B2B (Body 2 Body)
The act of sucking or licking the penis or having one's penis sucked or licked. Fellatio is also commonly referred to as 'oral sex' or 'sucking' or 'blow job'.
Oral sex
French Kissing
Kissing on mouth with tongue contact
Full Service (FS)
Intercourse to completion (with condom!)
Girl Friend Experience. Definition varies by provider. Refers to a type of session providing aspects of social and physical interaction beyond the act itself. Some ladies provide the GFE experience as part of their regular services, while others do so depending on the circumstances or not at all.
Girl Friend Experience #2: What it means to each person is a little different, but to most guys it means a provider that makes the experience seem unrushed, enjoyable, fun, relaxing and more like a "real date than a quick commercial encounter. In practice, though, it seems to depend on chemistry, personality and mutual expectations, as YMMV ("your mileage may vary") for both the provider and client. A general description might be: a multiple hour session that facilitates the experience, mutual cuddling/foreplay, mutual kissing, mutual oral sex (covered or uncovered--depending), and involves either the illusion or reality of passion on the part of the provider.
Anal sex (with Condom).
Greek Without
Anal sex without condom (aka "Death Wish")
Half & Half
A combination of both oral sex and intercourse.
Hand Job (HJ)
Masturbation by yourself or others
You meet the girl at her place---apartment or hotel room arranged by girl
In Search Of (ISO)
A message board post looking for something (a girl, a date, a TS/TV, etc)
Man on top
The girl comes to your place---your home, your hotel, etc.)
Porn Star Experience (PSE)
A session that gives the feeling of being in a Porn or XXX Movie. A date with a Porn Star.
Private Viewing: The facts are that private viewings as a genre are NOT Full Service (in terms of what is generally expected within the term full service---see the section under TBD Client Guide concerning expectations if you have any lack of understanding.) Also private viewing is interpreted differently by different PV providers and implemented differently according to the client in many instances--many more than a FS escort. If you insist on Full Service DO NOT go to someone who advertises Private Viewing. Really simple. If you are happy with a "hands-on" approach (and likely hands only) then this may be a route for you. You will in all likelihood leave the PV "satisfied" and the PV provider WILL assist you in a hands-on manner. It is NOT a do-it-yourself experience. In some instances, french or russian lessons may occur but that is absolutely NOT something to expect. If language lessons happen consider your self blessed or lucky but DO NOT expect it and DO NOT plan on it no matter what one individual says--that is foolhardy at best. Also known as FBSM (see definition above) or B2B.
Requesting information
Penis between girl's breasts until completion.
Your Mileage May Vary---May do things with one person, but not with another OR your experience may be different than mine for a variety of reasons.

Some Other Common Internet Abbreviations

As A Matter Of Fact
Any Day Now
A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted
As Far As I Am Concerned
As Far As I Know
As Far As I Can See
As I Mentioned Before
All-Singing All-Dancing
Adios Sucker - You're On Your Own!
At The Moment
At The Same Time
Bare Back BJ
Believe It Or Not
Buy One Get One Free
Be Right Back
Be Right Back - BathRoom Break
Be Right Back - Coffee Break
Broke Ribs Laughing, Call For Help
Beats The Stuffing(!) Out Of Me
By The Way
Cranial-Rectal Inversion
Cover Your @ss
Da Noze Has Spoken
Do I look like I give a (SH**) (FU**) (DA**) as the situation warrants
End Of Message
Excuse the hell out of me
Falling Out Of My Chair Busting A Spleen Laughing
Oral stimulation
Fouled(!) Up Beyond All Repair/Recognition
Fear Uncertainty and Doubt
For What Its Worth/
For Your Information
For Your Records
Grin, Duck and Run
Grin, Duck and Walk Very Very Fast
Girl Friend Experience
Anal Penetration
In Any Case
In Any Event
I Am Not A Lawyer But
I Could, Of Course, Be Wrong
In My Humble Opinion
In Other Words
Idiot Right Out Of College
In Search Of
I Seem To Remember
I Wish I knew
Keep In Touch
Latest And Greatest
Let Me Know
Lots Of Laughter/Laughing Out Loud
Long Time No See
Management By Wandering Around
Make Money Fast (scam)
Not In My Back Yard
Now That You Mention It
Oh My God/Gosh
On The Other Hand
Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair
Problem Exists Between Monitor And Chair
Pardon Me [For] Jumping In
Quick Question
Rolls On Floor Laughing
Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A** Off
Real Soon Now
She Who Most Be Obeyed
There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
This Does Not Bode Well
Too Flippin' eXpensive
Thanks In Advance
That Looks About Right
There Ought To Be A Law
The Powers That Be
To The Best Of My Knowledge
Talk To You Later
Time will tell
Working As Designed
Wait And See
What The Hell Do I Know
You Have Been Trolled
Your Mileage May Vary

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How to make time for being an escort (or another type of ASP)?


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Explore Sexual Role Playing Together I have All The equiment

Explore Sexual Role Playing

We use a variety of methods to overcome these inhibitions and now more and more couples are getting started with sexual role play as a means to take on a different persona and explore their lesser-expressed fantasies.

Sexual role play is not a new idea, but it is a good one and as such many sensual scenarios have been created, explored and ultimately shared.

The possibilities are limited only the imagination, so if getting dressed up in the name of sexual self-discovery sounds appealing to you, here are a few simple ideas just to get you started.

Explore Sexual Role Playing

The Boss and the Secretary

As one of many role plays where one person has the power under which the other becomes utterly helpless, this is a great introduction to bondage.

When one of you plays the boss, the other can be the eager-to-please assistant, or even one who has been slacking off terribly; either way the paperwork has been mounting up for too long and it’s about time the two of you got down to a bit of long overdue after hours admin.

The Hitchhiker


Let go of your inhibitions and take your role play fantasies out of the house with this naughty classic that combines the excitement of car sex and the added risk of picking up a total stranger.


Arrange for you and your partner to meet somewhere on your journey from A to B, but don’t be too specific as this will help increase the anticipation.

The hitchhiker stranded on the side of the road might not have any money to pay for gas but we’re sure you can pull over somewhere secluded and find even better ways for them to repay the driver’s kindness.

Teacher and Pupil

Another classic that is especially good as it allows the two of you to reverse the Dominant and submissive roles whenever and however often you want.

Perhaps the fresh-out-of-college high school teacher just can’t control one particularly disobedient student, or the savvy college professor has this sexy sophomore hanging on their every word.

Students – both male and female – develop crushes on their teachers all the time. The question is, how are you two going to ensure that the fires of your desires don’t end up in a burning scandal?


Man Maid Action


The man of the house needs help keeping his place ship-shape, so who better to call than the local French maid cleaning service?


Imagine his surprise when this sexy stranger in her tantalizing French maid outfit shows up on the doorstep and gets going with the dirties kind of cleaning he’s ever seen. This can also offer a role-reversal of the more typical ‘man delivers service to the woman’s door’ if you switch who plays the overworked professional who happens to be working from home that day.

All that reaching, bending and stretching to those hard to reach places will give him a show that is just too tempting to resist.

Playing Doctors and Nurses

We know this scenario is a little cliché and far from an original role play idea, but there’s a reason why it’s such a time-honored favorite. And that reason is: because sexy nurses and dashing doctors are awesome.

Few other real-life situations allow two people to get so close together. As the two of you innocently try to discover what the problem might be, those hands might stumble upon something altogether naughtier, meaning you’ll soon be having the kind of check-up that would have us all going back on a more regular basis.



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Change it, tweak it, customize it, use it forever! http://gypsy.kinky-blogging.com/2014/08/17/screening-101-for-providers/


This Provider Blog:



In light of all these crazy busts, sting operations and dangerous, aggressive clients popping up, I decided to compile a manual of screening methods. I made sure to make it as comprehensive as possible.  Below is info compiled from Pillow Talk Forum, VerifyHim, Saafe, StripperWeb and from My Own Writings. I hope this helps… Enjoy!

——————————————————————————————————————– SCREENING METHODS… (Listed in NO particular order since each has its own pros & cons)

(A) Two recent valid provider references.  or  (B] Personal / employment verification.  or  [C] 3rd party reference verification service. 

**I suggest ALL THREE, or at least TWO of the three**

————————————————————————————————- ALWAYS COLLECT THE FOLLOWING INFO: - WHERE did he get your contact info - Clients name or alias - Preferred contact info; phone number AND/OR email address - Age or (preferably birth date) - Generic location he is FROM

There are two basic themes to look for when screening:  - Look for consistency. - Look for any information you can dig up that is more than a year old.

A good indication that you are dealing with someone of ill-intent: - There is absolutely nothing about them online. - Everything you find was created recently.

Provider Reference Verification Method 

This method can often be the easiest and often offer the greatest degree of anonymity to your prospects.

Info to collect – References: 

- Reference stage name and her preferred contact (email or phone) - Link to the references website (or active ad) - Memory jogger (when he saw her & where – estimates may be enough to help) - Clients detailed physical description (or a photo)

Actions to take: 

(1) Verify the client’s personal contact info.  - Google his phone or email in quotation marks, like so: “johndoe@gmail.com” – note any clear specific results. - If contacted via email, use Read Notify to observe open IP and location, and check if it matches the location he’s given you, using GEO IP. - If contact via phone, use SlyDial to listen to his voice mail message without having to call him. (call 267-759-3425)  - Use BeenVerified to check out his background and find out if he has a violent history. - Use Spokeo and Wink to check if the information he gave you matches up with what public records databases show. - Use ZabaSearch and WhitePages to match his phone number and address to what he’s given you. - Use Tineye to search a photo given and find out if it is posted anywhere else on the internet. - Use the Exif viewer from Opanda to view extended info embedded in the image such as IP address and Geo-location. - Utilize FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter to find his public online profiles just using his email address with the search tool.
-Facebook is the easiest way to find people by name or email address, if they have an account. You can even modify the search results by location, school, and workplace. If nothing shows up, they may have made their profile private and unsearchable. BUT, If that’s the case, you can do a site-specific Google search, and any public pages or groups they may have commented on will show up. For example, John Doe’s personal Facebook profile is private and will not show up in Facebook search results, but if you type the following… site:Facebook.com “John Doe” into Google, you’ll see that he has commented on Jane Doe’s Facebook page. You can now see his profile picture, as Facebook doesn’t allow users to make this private, even if you still can’t search for them using Facebook’s search.

-LinkedIn usually reveals much less information about a user, because it’s primarily a work-oriented social network. However, it is an excellent place to verify a gentleman’s contact details, work history and affiliated websites. -Twitter, although isn’t so useful for collecting personal data, can still give you a wealth of information, such as insight into their personality, interests, and style, rather than information you can use to find their address or phone number.

-Sometimes, if you search specific info via Google, such as a phone number or email, private results in certain paid databases will show up in the Google results, such as with National Blacklist and with BP Blacklist, as seen below: http://backpageblack…cident-reports/

(2) Run his various contact info through the following background check databases, and blacklist & alert services.  BackPage Blacklist (You must have a BP account) Provider Buzz   (You must be logged in to P411 to see ProviderBuzz) National Blacklist Danger Zone 411 Criminal Check Black Listed John VerifyHIm Provider2Provider SMS Alert System  (This is invite-only.  If you need an invitation, PM me) SearchSystems DirtSearch Net Detective Virtual Gumshoe People Verified


FORUMS: Sexy Escort Ads Blacklist Naughty Reviews TER BigDoggie PinkBook

User Name Search: pipl is an aggregator that searches the “deep Web,” or parts of the Internet that are often missed by regular search engines such as Google. Pipl allows you to search by name, e-mail address, username, or phone number. Pipl then crawls the Web and aggregates all search results that contain your terms–so it’s more of a one-stop shop for results.

(3) Visit links provided (is it an ad / profile or dedicated website?) and are they “live”? (a) Websites (i) Is the site complete? Intro, Bio, Rates, Gallery, Contact – plus. (ii) Note: is contact info different than provided? (iii) Copy any additional / different contact info. (iv) Google “:domain” type in www.domain-to-search.com.  How many links? Active providers should have 10+ links.  Compare with Alexa and WhoLinks2me – some data will be consistent, stats about domain links may differ (that’s ok).

(B] Advertisements & Profiles (i) Note the date ad was published and / or last visited. (Should be more than a couple weeks) (ii) Is the ad complete? (Photos & contact info). (iii) Note: is contact info different than provided? (iv) Copy any additional / different contact info.

(4) Verify references contact info - Google all reference contact info (provided / discovered) & analyze results. (a) Are there other ads, profiles or websites with her info? (B] Is other info (stage name, additional contact info) consistent? © Are photos consistent across results? (d) Does she have reviews? If yes: How many? How long? How recent? (e) Are there any warnings about the provider?

(5) Contact reference using preferred method (a) Provide the clients name or alias, contact info, memory jogger, photo or detailed physical description. (B] Note: would the reference see the gent again, if not, why? © Verification should also include if the gent arrived on time & with proper donation. (d) Inquire about any anomalies discovered in steps 1 & 2 above. (e) IF reference prefers email contact, then… ask for a quick phone call – is reference in control of her email account?

Personal / Employment Verification Method 

This method can often be a little more difficult and challenging since many clients do not wish to provide all the information sought (or if they do, some of the details may be slightly fabricated).

Info to collect – Personal / Employment Verification: 

- Employers name - Employers phone # (main switchboard) - Employers website - Clients direct phone line and email with said employer - Clients detailed physical description (or a photo)

Actions to take: 

(1) Verify personal information just as you would in Step 1 Provider References Method at the Top of this manual

(2) Is the client employed or self-employed?

(a) If client is EMPLOYED…  (i) Visit employer links (BE CAREFUL, AS LAW ENFORCEMENT CAN AND WILL HAVE TWO JOBS!!!  VERIFY THAT THIS IS THEIR ONE AND ONLY JOB!!!):  1. Is the client’s name listed on the company directory? 2. Is the other contact info provided consistent? 3. Does the site appear to be complete & legit? 4. Search whois.net: Verify how long site has been established. (ii) Contact employer via main switchboard: 1. Ask for Human Resources. 2. Ask if the client is still employed with them – Let them know you don’t need financial data or specifics, just to answer yes or no whether he’s STILL EMPLOYED with the company. 3. If they ask who is calling: Just rattle off a common acronym like UCLA, OSU, or CCCI. (iii) Contact the client’s direct line (after business hours). 1. If the client answers: Most people usually announce themselves, if not, ask who you just called (make note of the name given). End the call by stating you had been given the wrong phone number. 2. If the client does not answer: Note what his voice mail states (should be his name). Do not leave a message. 5. Search ZoomInfo, which aggregates job and company information.

(B] If a client is SELF-EMPLOYED…   (i) Verify the Company exists:  1. Search for Records of his business in Secretary of state directory 2. Google Company Name (with and without quotes) 3. Google company domain name using the following command: “:domain” Type in www.domain-to-search.com  How many inbound links are there? Legit business sites should have 30+ links. Compare with Alexa and WhoLinks2me – some data will be consistent, stats about domain links may differ (that’s ok). 4. Search whois.net: Look up domain who-is data: a) How long has the domain been active? B] Is the domain registered to the client or at least registered near the location the client claims to be from? (ii) Visit the business web site:  1. Is the client’s name listed on the website? 2. Is other contact info provided consistent? 3. Does the site appear to be complete & legit? (iii) Contact the client’s direct line (after business hours). 1. If the client answers: Most people usually announce themselves, if not, ask who you just called (make note of the name given). End the call by stating you had been given the wrong number. 2. If the client does not answer: Note what his voice mail states (should be his name). Do not leave a message.

Special Consideration For Outcall: 

(A) Going to a Hotel – Call the front desk, and ask to be connected to your client (by name). Then when you arrive, ask for him to show proof of his identity.

(B] Going to a Private Home – Lookup the address in Google, also BeenVerified.com –  you’ll see property reports and can search by address and should confirm other identity info you’ve already been given. Lastly, ask to see the gents ID when you arrive.

Other Screening Methods: Third Party Reference Verification Services- This process is fairly self-explanatory, and steps may differ from service to service. The top three services are: Date-Check Preferred411  RoomService2000 (for the Mid-West, mostly) Amazon & Ebay- Some ladies have gone as far as to search Amazon and Ebay’s registered users / wish lists to learn more about their potential dates. These measures are long-shots and best reserved for drastic or difficult cases. Board Membership & History- You may be tempted to reference a gentleman through his activity on a hobby related board. Boards have become targets for compromise, so you must be very careful, confirm all contact info through the board, and then through the other contact method. Anything but a very long history is too risky. Use of this method is best when used in ADDITION to others already mentioned herein. Physical ID & Public Meeting- Checking ID’s is a technique best used to confirm that the person who was screened is actually the person who shows up, but not in place of screening. Further, public meetings are not an adequate screening method, even bad people know to behave in public.

REMEMBER, EVEN SCREENING ISN’T 100% EFFECTIVE; ALWAYS HAVE A SAFETY PLAN  1) Always start & end appointments by calling to “check-in” with a friend who knows your whereabouts and what to do in case of an emergency. Consider setting up a “safe-word” that when used, indicate you are NOT safe, with instructions on what to do next. 2) Learn some basic self-defense. Typically, you can get free classes at an abused woman’s shelter.




Here is my screening form I created from scratch for newbies, and/or gents with no refs, which I use when e-mailing back and forth with these gentlemen…  

Change it, tweak it, customize it, use it forever! 



Dear Future Friend and Activity Partner,

Thank you for choosing *me* as your upscale concierge and companion during your stay in sunny South Florida 

Below is my screening form.

Please be sure to fill it out as thoroughly as possible, and send the documents as soon as possible (if any field does not apply to you, simply leave it blank), to make this a seamless and hopefully painless procedure, so we may focus on more pleasurable pursuits 

I hope to meet with you very soon!


(Your Name Here)






PERSONAL DETAILS (This information will be kept confidential):

* Full Name (as printed on your Driver’s License)

* Home Address (must match address on your Driver’s License)

* Home Phone Number (your home phone will NEVER be contacted. This information is for verification purposes only):

* Work Address (To verify your place of employment is legitimate)

* Work Phone Number (& extension number, if applicable)


* Recent Photo (jpg/png of head-shot is fine– this is to compare to the head shot on your Driver’s License)

* Scanned Copy of Driver License (Do NOT cross off or blur out your License Number!)

* Scanned Copy of your Passport OR Birth Certificate (or any other state or government issued documentation)

* Scanned Copy of RECENT Utility Bill (must have full name and address that match that on your Driver License- You may blur out or cross off any information not pertinent to identifying your full name, and residential address, i.e., any user names or passwords, Social Security number, etc.  Do NOT cross off your bill’s account number– this will be used to verify you are the owner of this account! It MUST show the date, your full name and your home address! NO exceptions)

* Scanned Copy of RECENT Work PayStub or Voided Check [for Direct Deposits] from Employer (must have full name and address that match that on your Driver License- You may blur out or cross off any information not pertinent to identifying your name, address and employer. i.e., Bank information, Social Security number, etc.- It MUST show the date, your employer’s corporate location headquarters and/or address, your employer’s 

phone number, your full name and your home address! NO exceptions).



* Provider Reference #1 if any: Name, Phone #, E-mail Address, Website Url:

* Provider Reference #2 if any: Name, Phone #, E-mail Address, Website Url:

* Member Review Board Url 1 if any (TER, Eccie, Redbook, Big Doggie, etc.):

 - Member Screen Name 1:

* Member Review Board Url 2 if any (TER, Eccie, Redbook, Big Doggie, etc.):

 - Member Screen Name 2:

* Member Review Board URL 3 if any (TER, Eccie, Redbook, Big Doggie, etc.):

 -Member Screen Name 3:

* LINKS TO REVIEWS YOU HAVE WRITTEN if Any (TER, Redbook, Eccie, Big Doggie, etc.):

 - Link 1:

 - Link 2:

* Screening Site URL 1 (Date-Check, RS2K, P411, etc) if applicable:

 - Screening Site Member ID# 1:

* Screening Site URL 2 (Date-Check, RS2K, P411, etc) if applicable:

 - Screening Site Member ID# 2:



* Name of Hotel:

* Address of Hotel:

* Phone Number of Hotel:

* Hotel Room Number:

* Name YOU used to reserve or check in with (Must match name on your Driver License):

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

You will be contacted within 24 hours after I’ve received sufficient information to verify you.



http://www.nationalb…m/article2.aspx http://www.verifyhim…es/read/Screen/ http://swop-nola.org/screening-101/ http://www.howtobeco…-escort-clients http://www.myhoneysuckle.com/escort-screening-tool/ http://www.uknationa…essary_160.html http://www.foxnews.c…ckground-check/



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Checking Client Identification and P411

Checking Client Identification and P411

A P411 Client Id is made up of small bits of “real” info that can be verified, by looking at a couple of pieces of identification carried in the client’s wallet.


I often recommend that gentlemen temporarily cover their other private information with tape or whiteout, leaving only the photo, matching name, and DAY of birth (on driver’s license) and last four digits (on something in wallet) for the provider to check. Of course, it’s up to the individual provider to decide whether she will accept the identification in this way, but please know that I recommend this to the clients concerned about their privacy.

If a client schedules an appointment via P411 and upon arrival refuses to show identification to confirm he is the true account holder, you may exercise your right to refuse to see him and report it to P411. Depending on the circumstances, P411 may suspend the account under which the appointment was made until the situation is resolved.

We have a terrible problem with people “sharing” client ids, sometimes to book appointments and sometimes to rip the provider off, or worse. These situations are becoming more common, and can be easily prevented if the provider takes a moment to confirm that the person before her has identification to match the client id.

I strongly encourage the ladies to check identification to make sure it matches the P411 client id, as well as making sure anyone who says he is a P411 member can sign in and send her a Request through the system.

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How Your Competition Can Help You


In any business, it can be easy to look at your competition, see how well they’re doing, and just get jealous. Why are they doing so well and you’...

See What You’re Missing

Take a look at some other escort websites and see what’s on their site that you don’t have. Do they have freshly updated pics and yours are a year old? Do they regularly write about the titillating details of their life in their escort blog, but you’ve never written in yours? Or maybe they just package themselves in a fresh, inspiring way? What features do they have that you’re missing?

Want more tips? Here’s 5 photo and 5 copy tips for your escort website.

Set Yourself Apart

Now that you’ve seen what’s different, take a look at what’s the same. Do you both use the same tired phrases that pop up all over on adult entertainer sites? Do you use the same poses in your escort photos? Don’t let yourself be a cliche. Now’s the time to figure out what sets you apart from the crowd. Highlight what makes you unique and what you think will appeal to your clients.

Want more tips? Here’s how to make your escort website stand out.

Ask for a Blog or Link Exchange

Your competition definitely doesn’t have to be the enemy. In the past we’ve discussed the importance of exchanging links and blog posts with other escorts. Let your businesses compliment each other, not compete. Most providers want to know other people in the industry and want to help each other out. So don’t be afraid to ask.

Make New Friends

Like you, most entertainers want to have someone to talk shop with, compare stories about their cities, or get tips on touring to other places. Even if you don’t set up a link or blog exchange, knowing other entertainers (in your area and in other cities) can be invaluable, not just for the industry insight, but simply for the camaraderie. Everyone needs friends. And having friends who can talk shop is the best. Not sure how to find other escorts? Try reaching out in our clients-only forum.


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Hot Go To Girls Inc Is now Hiring let me do all the work tax help arrange Rides to outcalls post ads and photos .

Lets Make Money together ,Lets Car Pool Lets Start an Small Business With Some Loyal : I want to do all Given get an an small massages building in 3 years.I want to get Web cam business Mass Media .Media Photography Being REAl Friends To this...


CaLL 207-274-3402
* Discover, clarify, and align with what the client wants to achieve
* Encourage client self-discovery
* Elicit client-generated solutions and strategies
* Hold the client responsible and accountable


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Let's Make Money to Get Girls Invited Others to Share Business in an an Safe and Like an Real Sister Lets Grow Together


Let's Make Money together lets us double Or Not let's be ...




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Incall Outcall Which One The Choose

Incall Escort or Outcall  Which to Choose ?

Incalls a...

When I first started as an escort I was working for an outcall escort agenc in Daytona Beach Fl During my time there we did do some incall days, two of the escorts from the agency would work together out of a hotel room. When one of our clients came, the other escort would have to leave for the duration of the client’s visit. The hotel we stayed at normally had a pool and a lobby with a sitting area, so we’d just wander off for a bit. I always preferred doing outcalls because I was nervous that incall clients were cops and that at any minute they could break down the door and rappel down from the roof and smash into the window with full swat gear taking me to jail immediately.

Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration but when you’re working an incall you can kind of get the feeling that you’re a sitting duck. Working out of a hotel room is a lot better than a specific apartment though, because at least with a hotel room it’s not like you’re in the same spot every day.

With outcalls you’re going to see the client at his hotel or home, and although it’s potentially more dangerous for you as an escort to walk into someone else’s home, I never ran into any clients on outcalls that made me feel particularly uncomfortable. Sure some of their houses were dirty and using the bathroom made me nervous, but I was never in a situation where I felt I was in immediate danger.

Overall there are both pros and cons to each, so it’s probably best if I just break them down in point form:

Outcalls Pros

  • Less chance of it being a sting.
  • Mixing it up with different scenery, instead of staring at the same walls all day.

Outcalls Cons

  • Dangerous going to a strangers house alone.
  • Sometimes it’s long drives to get to the client’s house.

Incalls Pros

  • You don’t have to go anywhere, they come to you.
  • They’re coming to your place, rather than having to walk into a place you’ve never been before.

Incalls Cons

  • Highest chance of it being a sting.
  • Can become boring and very repetitive.

Well, there you have it. I try to be as unbiased as possible but I’m obviously going to have my opinions and tilt things in the direction I like. It’s just my opinion!

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Why and How I Screen My Hobbyist



Screening your clients in one way or another is both tedious and a necessity. If you work for an escort agency they’re going to take care of this for you, and at points I thought this was reason enough to work for an escort agency! There’s not a ...

There are three reasons to verify clients:

1) Make sure they aren’t a serial killer. Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic but the point being that you’re about to be alone with them and due to the nature of your work it’s not like every one you know will know where you are. There are a lot of bad things that can happen and so doing your due diligence to limit those chances is not only a good idea, it’s a necessity. If you can verify the client’s identity prior to meeting up with him and have someone who can go to the police and tell them who you were last with, that can literally be the difference between life and death.

2) Make sure the client isn’t a time waster. A lot of times when you’re booking a date as an escort it involves scheduling, driving out to see the client or making sure you’re ready to receive them at your place. Escorts put a lot of time and effort goes into dates and you want to be stood up. Knowing the clients real name, phone number and other details ensures the client isn’t a time waster.

3) Make sure the client isn’t law enforcement. Stings aren’t all that common with escorts, but they can happen and you’d hate to have any regrets. So if you feel something isn’t right, verifying for the purpose of law enforcement screening can be the smart choice.

So now that you know why you should be screening your clients, let me explain how to screen your clients. These are all different methods of screening, and you can do one or more different methods, depending on what you feel is necessary. Keep in mind you don’t need to screen every client, go with your gut and trust yourself. If somebody calls out of the blue and wants to see you right away and it gives you a bad gut feeling, screen them in every way possible to either eliminate them or to eliminate the bad feeling you’re getting. However if you know someone from a message board, and you’ve spoke to them a bunch of times and you haven’t personally spoke to any of the other escorts he’s been with but you know there haven’t been any vocal complaints etc you can just go ahead without screening at all – if you want to. It’s completely up to you.

1) Name & phone number.
You want to at least get their name and phone number, this is standard practice and most clients won’t have a problem giving you this information. Once they give you their phone number, let them know you will give them a call right back. Immediately check to see who the owner of the phone is and what the address is, by doing a reverse phone look up. This should take less than 2 minutes and once you’ve done that you call them back right away. Now that you have a little verified information about them you can ask them if it’s their address, if it’s a business or home, etc. Having this kind of information written down – especially if that’s the address you’re going to – can help you out if something goes wrong.

2) Place of work.
Some escorts require that their clients tell them their place of work and work number. This isn’t to pry into the client’s life, but it’s additional security if you know where he works. It’s also helpful in eliminating him as law enforcement because if he has a job as a VP of a venture capital firm, chances are he doesn’t moonlight as an undercover police officer.

3) References from other escorts.
The best kind of screening you can possibly get, but also the most difficult sometimes, is getting references from other escorts. If a client has 2-3 references from escorts that have ads on the internet so you can also verify that his references are real people and not just accomplices in a grand scheme to GET YOU! Lol sorry, anyway…having those references allows you to be 100% sure that he’s real, verify what kind of client he is by asking the escort’s he’s been with and to be 100% sure he’s not law enforcement.

4) Show me the goods!
If you have any doubts at the outset of an appointment on whether a client is law enforcement or not, you can ask him to expose himself before exchanging money or talking details. If he refuses, just leave. If he does expose himself, then you can be sure he’s not law enforcement because police officers are not allowed to expose themselves in a sting.

5) Reverse engineering.
If a client sends you an email and you want to find out who they are, it’s never a bad idea to do a little snooping. A lot of clients will email you from their “secret” emails, but a lot email straight from their regular accounts. Do a google search for the client’s email, do a facebook search, do a myspace search, do a hi5.com search, do a search for his email in as many different places as you can. If the email is johnny_loves_pizza@gmail.com (for example) then also search google for “johnny_loves_pizza” and see if anything comes up, because this could be his online alias that he uses to make posts on different message boards. If he’s been posting about raping and murdering escorts on some serial killer message board, you might want to move on. If he’s been posting on a sports or hobby website, you might find out he’s a pretty normal guy.

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Verification is Key for the New Hobbyist.



 Truely independent escorts, at least the smarter ones (quality girls that handle their own business and safety) will demand some sort of verification. Your a member of  X site, verified by Y provider, etc. ( TER, ECCIE, others) Thing is, you loose a good chunk of anonymity. Part of the thrill is being the hobbyist is being able to select your favorite slice of pie, without giving much information about yourself.

For some providers ~you will have no choice here. These are the woman that are essentially at the high end of the rate scale. If your not looking to get verified, then forget these women. Focus on the other 95 % of the market that is flexible on the verification side.

If you can allow yourself to get verified, the hobbyist world is your oyster. The girls will have higher trust factor with a verified fella. Plus, getting verified opens yourself up to a level that is much enjoyable in the hobbyist world.

Let me take you into the escort’s perspective. The women, if marketed properly, will get hundreds of emails a day. Most of the guys love the idea of being with her, but have no money to do so. The rest want to, but only small percentage are verified. She will communicated with the verified inquiries first. Chances are she will “close” on one of those guys. The cycle will then repeats itself. Throw in some of her regulars, you truly need to be verified to have a shot to be on her schedule.

I would never see  a new client without Verification, it is a must. Good clients understand that and appreciate it. Verification is easy with me. Fill out my secured Reservation form for Verification on my main page. Online verification or previous escort references are most important for effective verification~ but not mandatory. However, with enough personal information, I would be very likely to accept your reservation. Deposits are required for travel and new friends without references, to hold our appointment.


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What is your favorite appointment length?

Recently, and frequently over the years, this question was posted on a discussion board. As usual though, it devolved into something off topic... This is obviously something clients wonder about on a regular basis, and honestly, who be...

In fact the subject is so winding, there are a few things I will expand on in later musings... So prepare yourself, my thoughts are coming!

While I do offer hour long appointments when I have the time (i.e.. spring breaks), my favorite date when meeting someone (especially if we are new to each other) is 90 minutes to two hours. It's not that I have a problem with the hour option, that can be quite fun as well. But, when you don't know someone, an hour can feel a little like a hit and run. You both tend to leave a little dazed and confused about what just happened. A little longer gives us time to get comfortable, and allow the tension to build naturally; without feeling so staged. And it prevents the experience from being stopped... short. Without taking away the fun of the nooner ;-) It also gives me time to get to know you. I try, but I'm not a mind reader. I hate feeling like it's a choreographed session instead of a customized experience, and sometimes it can lean towards the former when time rather than quality is of the essence. I don't have as many opportunities to feel you out, and you don't have as many to show me what you need, so we compromise. Thirty minutes or an hour more doesn't seem like much, but even I was surprised at the difference it makes when I first started doing this. Since then, I've only begun to believe it more. So much so, that I've become a solid 90 minute devotee when it comes to massages myself ;-)

When it comes to "Lunch/Dinner Dates", a lot of providers tout the 4 hour date as the best option. Don't get me wrong, you are not going to find me turning down food. But, I like the 6-8 hour version of the dinner date. Simply put, I am usually the "well, we're here, we might as welllll..." types. If you've already taken 4ish hours off work, you might as well take off the whole day, right? If you're going to get lunch together and hang out until you're both hungry again, you might as well get dinner,riiiight? Haha! I also go 15 over if I speed. If I'm going to get a ticket, I might as well make it worth it ;-P  With the six to eight hour package, you can make it to my place in time to "say hello", rest over lunch, and get a little vigorous as our energy allows in between mutual massages or a quick outing before hitting another restaurant and sending each other home for the night. Maybe even stopping by my place again before you head out ;-) You could take a half day, like you're going to the doctors, leave a little longing, and savor 'til next time. Or, since you're going to take the majority of your day to devote to "me time", you may as well treat yourself and go for the whole thing! 

If we've met a couple of times, I really like overnights. At this point, not only do we like each other, but we know each other, and they take a boring Wednesday night and turn it into a sexy, sultry sleepover! We don't have to worry about the time, just enjoying it. Having a good meal before staying up a little too late talking about life and all the cool things we're going to do with it is one of my favorite things to do. And snuggling up and then sleeping in before having a lazy "breakfast"? This is the girlfriend experience. Should you find the time to sneak away, the fun starts here ;-)

And weekends... How could I not love weekends? It's like an overnight on steroids! Getting away for a few days... without the phone, the computer, the responsibilities... all with the perfect date on your arms. There will be no sudden "But, what do we do with little Debbie. Her Algebra teacher blah blah wah wah wahhhh" in the middle of dinner, or "Why are you sitting in paradise, surrounded by girls in bikinis, and looking at them, DAAAVE?"  We don't have those kinds of strings. We don't have those kinds of worries. It's just you and I, and the gorgeous world around us waiting to be explored.

No matter what we end up doing, everyone needs to recharge. And why not with a honeymoon experience? Stars in our eyes and our hands roaming god knows where... Nothing but adoration in my eyes... I crave the moments that pull you in and leave you breathless at how there could be only two in the whole world. No matter the length of time, it's the intensity that I want. The hand to grab as we fall into the dream. The eyes that twinkle back. Come away with me...


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As long as you are 100% sure of the date and time and I am available in your area then please go ahead and book.  Be sure to check my CALENDAR t...
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Advanced booking is required for both incalls and outcalls.  I do not tour and I limit my schedule to only one appointment in a day, so please schedule in advance so I can plan to be in your city on the date you prefer to meet. When possible please pla...



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Ask for Nuru Session !! $120.00 3omn

$30.00 off with review only next vist.



120 for 3omn and 200 full hour
Added August 19 2017, 11:37pm
Nuru bodyonBody 120 $20.00 dollar Off With with karma screening $50 Use Paypal to secure session
Added July 30 2017, 12:03pm



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